Search Engine Optimization with Social Media

Social media can be used to improve you rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). These are the pages displayed after a query has been typed into the search box. They list web pages related to the query in order of relevance. Social media links are different from links from normal sites. So you need a different strategy to use social media links for search engine optimization (SEO).

Social media users are real people. That’s why Google uses links shared by social media to gauge the relevancy of a page. These links aren’t worth much on their own, but if you get hundreds of them, Google will conclude that your site is relevant. The trick is getting large numbers of social media backlinks.

Submitting Content to Boost Page Ranking

Social networks such as DiggStumbleUpon, and Reddit focus on content sharing instead of social interaction. When content is submitted to one of these sites, users can vote it up or down. A vote up means it gets a link on that user’s profile page. If enough users vote for your content, it appears on the home page, which means a link from a trusted site. Beyond that benefit, web traffic gets pushed to your site, usually leading to additional residual links.

Bottom-line, these social network sites can cause your content to go viral. That gives your overall domain more authority with search engines. Once your content page garners authority, you can link it to one of your products pages, and harness the power of your authority.

Targeting Social Network Sites

To achieve success, a social content push must have a refined strategy. It’s critical to understand the appeal of your content to various social network users. For example, a top 10 list of ways to market a book will work on one site, while a post about the 10 biggest blogging mistakes may be more effective on another. Research what social content sites are most appropriate for your content promotion. Then focus your efforts where you’ll have the greatest chance of success.

Power Accounts

Power user accounts are vital to maximize votes for your content. These accounts are trusted by social content site algorithms because they have tenure and a lot of contacts and followers. Votes from these accounts tend to carry a lot of weight, but their greatest value is contacts and followers. Your goal is to get these power accounts to encourage their contacts and followers to vote up your submissions. You can work on creating your own power accounts, but it usually takes at least a year to build them up. An alternative is to partner with someone who already has access to some.

Social SEO

Social media provides the opportunity to amass a plethora of user links to your site. But it is also a powerful tool to target users beyond their social networks. Use it to build PageRank for SERPs and resulting site traffic and product sales may exceed your highest expectations.

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