Hell and Gone by Henry Brown


The rag-tag gang of has-beens in Hell and Gone has never worked together before, but Dwight “Rocco” Cavarra has less than a week to train them and lead them on the hairiest operation of their lives. It’s not bad enough that they have to plow through an African civil war, infiltrate a fortified terrorist encampment and steal a black market tactical nuke from a mob of fanatic sociopaths – there are Israeli wild cards in play: two death-dealing Mossad agents who don’t necessarily share Cavarra’s agenda. When the mission is compromised before it has even started, Rocco and his Retreads are caught between bloodthirsty local warlords and the genocidal government in a fight to the death. And this battle might be just the first in the next world war.

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Hell and Gone is an exciting action and adventure novel, highly recommended. –Midwest Book Review

Hell and Gone by Henry Brown is a top-notch military thriller. –BookVisions

Hell and Gone is a military thriller that delivers the goods on the action, has vivid, realistic characters who interact with great dialogue, and presents some food for thought. –New Podler Review of Books

A brief interview with Henry (Hank) Brown

James: What drives you to write?

Hank: I can’t say exactly what drives me…but I certainly am driven. Really I suspect this drive was formed into be by the Creator while I was in the womb. I’ve always had it, always. There’ve been some life-or-death experiences in my life, and even then I was drawing inspiration: “If I live through this, this would make an intense scene in a movie or story.” “Now I know how to convey sheer terror–I can describe these sensations when I write such-and-such.” Stuff like that.

James: Why did you write your book?

Hank: At the time I was fiddling around with some more literary efforts, plus some sci-fi and fantasy. But, no kidding, I prayed for inspiration for what I  should be working on. So when I had a dream afterwards about a firefight, I ran with it, assuming that was an answer to my prayer. That scene was the seed this novel grew out of.

James: Is there something you want readers to take away with them after reading your book?

Hank: I’ll be happy if they just enjoyed a good read and are satisfied with the time invested. Of course it would be great if certain elements of the book cause people to think. For instance: when I wrote it the civil war was still raging in Sudan. Even though the fighting officially stopped over there since then, the observations made in the narrative aren’t unique to the pre-truce Sudan.


James D. Kellogg

James D. Kellogg is a water resource engineer in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and the author of Radical Action: A Colt Kelley Thriller. His Right Angles opinion column appears monthly in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent newspaper.

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