Radical Action

Radical ActionRadical Action is a gripping Colt Kelley thriller set against the backdrop of Western Colorado.

The cross hairs of E-Force rest on America. Whose finger is on the trigger?

E-Force lurks in the Colorado Rockies, unleashing destruction at prominent ski resorts. While the media validates the extremists’ radical action, Colt Kelley, a disillusioned environmentalist, finds himself inescapably linked to their crimes. When people close to Colt start dying, a dark conspiracy below the eco-terrorist façade thrusts him into the cross hairs of merciless killers and an organization with unfathomable power. In a race against time and ruthless evil, Colt is the only obstacle between E-Force and a terrible hidden purpose.To stop both, Colt must take his own radical action…or die trying.


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