Life Leadership

I’m involved with Life Leadership because I believe in Financial Fitness, Professional Excellence, and Personal Improvement.

Our purpose is to set people free.

Life Leadership products are informational and educational, including audios, videos, and books. There are also more than 7,500 live events held around the world each year.

Financial Fitness

The Financial Fitness Program teaches the principles behind the Offense (making money), Defense (budgeting and discipline), and Playing Field (rules and philosophy of money) of personal finance. With a basic understanding of these three areas, which are rarely taught together as a whole, anyone can learn to prosper, conserve, and multiply the fruits of his or her labor.

Professional Excellence

Based on the New York Times bestselling book Launching a Leadership Revolution, the LLR Corporate education program is designed not to train employees but to develop leaders. Leadership development is arguably the single most important investment any company can make. The leader creates the culture; the culture delivers the results.

Personal Improvement

The Life Leadership subscription is specifically designed to foster personal growth and improvement across all areas of life. Consisting of four audios and a specially chosen book each month, this material will help develop new and lasting habits that can have a massive impact over time.

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