Message Marksman

The Message Marksman

In today’s information age, business success depends on effective communication. That requires people with specialized skills, sharpened by time and experience. Few organizations and companies have the budget for retaining such writing, editing, and marketing specialists “in-house”.

James D. Kellogg, the “Message Marksman”, solves this dilemma by assessing your specific communication needs and crafting targeted messages for your audience. Whether you’re aiming at shareholders, potential customers or leisure readers, you’ll make your points while staying focused on your bottom line and what you do best.

Experience and Insight

The circumstances of every client  are unique. Some may have concise goals for marketing materials or an article for publication. Others haven’t defined their audience, let alone developed a strategy to reach them. Regardless, James D. Kellogg uses insight gained from 15 years of experience in business and writing to set a scope of services that meets your precise requirements. You get what you need and want.


Technical Strength

Technical strength is the product of education and professional experience. The engineering background of James D. Kellogg sets him apart from most competitors. He can hone in on the technical details of what you do. At the same time, James won’t lose sight of the big picture. It’s about transforming the complex into simplicity.

Creative Skill

Creativity is often the key to making a message resonate. As a published fiction author, James D. Kellogg knows how to engage readers. Whether your project is a novel or a marketing brochure, the trick is to hook your audience. The best results weave creative skill with solid writing and a concise understanding of your purpose.


Great client-consultant relationships are founded on professionalism. Attitude matters as much as abilities. From initial consultation to the final invoice, you’ll appreciate the professional approach taken by James D. Kellogg. You get quality services, adherence to budget and schedule, timely communication, and respect. James gets a repeat client. It’s a win-win!