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Natural gas can fuel our economy

Natural gas is critical to solving the American energy puzzle. Our country sits above huge quantities of this high-energy resource.

Recent estimates by the Potential Gas Committee of the Colorado School of Mines indicate the United States has natural gas reserves of more than 2 quadrillion cubic feet within its borders. From an energy output perspective, it may surpass all the crude oil under Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to technologies like hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling, the amount of economically recoverable gas is expanding each year. For instance, staggering quantities of natural gas lie just off the North American continental shelf. Read more…

States should not thwart development of hydrocarbon fuels

Affordable energy is vital to the American economy. Domestic coal and natural gas generate about 70 percent of our electricity because they are abundant, efficient and economical. The United States has nearly 30 percent of the world’s known coal reserves. Colorado ranks eighth among the states, with annual production of about 17 billion tons.

There are more than 2 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas below U.S. soil. From an energy output perspective, it may surpass all the crude oil under Saudi Arabia. Colorado currently accounts for about 5 percent of the natural gas produced in the nation. Read more…

Memories of Independence Past

On the morning of July 5, another celebration of Independence Day is history. Memories of fireworks displays are quickly snuffed by the onslaught of pressures and responsibilities in our busy lives. Jobs, school, raising kids … the list goes on. We have so many important pursuits, which dictate so much of our time. It’s easy to forget about the profound condition of American liberty.

In the Declaration of Independence, the founders of our nation asserted that all people are created equal and endowed by God with “unalienable Rights.” These include “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Government exists to protect these rights, deriving powers solely from the consent of the governed. This is the promise inherent in that profound document signed on July 4, 1776. It took seven years of war against a world power to win the chance to fulfill the pledge. Read more…

Green political activism is inferior to free market environmentalism

I’m a proponent of free market environmentalism, a philosophy founded on the constitutional rule of law, property rights, and free markets. These principles are fundamental to the economic growth and prosperity of the United States of America.

The correlation between an increased standard of living and a commitment to environmental stewardship is irrefutable. Liberty fosters enterprise, property rights allow environmental elements to become assets, and capitalism provides the means to engage in cooperative trade that benefits our environment. Read more…

EPA has no business regulating fracking

Domestic natural gas provides nearly 25 percent of electricity in the United States. This proportion stands to increase as additional shale gas deposits become accessible due to the combination of directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). This vast resource can provide the nation with plentiful and affordable energy, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and stimulate job creation and economic growth.

Unfortunately, the federal government appears poised to stymie natural gas production and collection with federal regulations. Read more…

A history of Christmas through the centuries

A funny cartoon about Christmas appeared in our church bulletin recently. It was a single pane Bizarro comic depicting an angel hovering over a pair of shepherds and some sheep. The imagery harkened from the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke. But the angel is saying, “… and His birth will be celebrated with snow and flying livestock and wild office parties and a magic fat man who lives at the North Pole.” In response to the proclamation, one cynical shepherd whispers to the other, “He must be drunk.” You can’t help but laugh.

Most of what is associated with Christmas in America today is far removed from the birth of Christ in Bethlehem more than two millennia ago. How did that happen? Read more…

National forests hold the promise of green energy

Green energy is among the myriad reasons to keep our national forests open to the “many uses” intended by the Forest Reserve Act of 1891. Federally owned forests comprise 192 million acres. According to some estimates, nearly 80 percent of this total requires thinning to mitigate risk of fire.

About one third of U.S. energy is used to produce heat. Why not harvest material that might otherwise fuel wildfires and use it to benefit homes, schools, businesses and industry? Cogeneration facilities can even generate economical electricity while producing heat. Read more…

Limit eminent domain, secure right to private property ownership

Throughout the United States, government and quasi-government bodies are chipping away at private property rights. This is exemplified in western Colorado by property acquisitions of the Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA) to build new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations. The town of Basalt and city of Glenwood Springs endorsed RFTA’s tactic of condemning private parcels within their municipal limits to advance the $46.2 million BRT project.

In the Glenwood Springs instance, RFTA claimed that a strict deadline attached to a $25 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration meant a competing private use proposed for the property needed to be quickly quashed. Read more… 

Inaugural New Castle Fit 5K is not your average footrace

Statistics indicate that about 17 percent of kids and adolescents across the United States are overweight. While Colorado has the lowest obesity rates among adults, the state ranks 23rd for the percentage of fat kids. The chubby child ratio is 14 percent … and growing!

Fortunately, New Castle kids are poised to buck that trend, thanks to the efforts of CrossFit Generate and the physical education departments at Kathryn Senor and Elk Creek elementary schools. Together, they organized the first New Castle Fit 5K race.

On June 9, New Castle Fit 5K participants will be pounding the pavement on the winding streets of Castle Valley Ranch. But they have to contend with a bit more than an ordinary 3.1-mile course. Each runner must complete a short CrossFit workout before running the first step. Read more..